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Saturday, 24-Nov-2012 17:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Full keyboard immortal legend of 9,700, after falling 350 Blac

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) February 15, 2011, black Berry 9,700 (revision machine) in businesses "Zhongguancun Super specials phone city" of latest price is 2,550 Yuan, the machine of price in after has has clear of fall. accessories has: single electric single filled, and headset, and data line, and posted film,. Black Berry 9,700 is a paragraph used full keyboard design of fashion business phone. figure for black Berry 9700 black Berry 9,700 used and Nokia E71 similar of design modeling, Full keyboard design with slightly narrower fuselage has a feel good operation. in fuselage front we've seen 9,700 made of a 2.44-inch LCD display at a resolution of 480x360 pixels, display excellent. pick-up BlackBerry OS 5.0 intelligent operating system BlackBerry 9,700, with user-friendly features, Order the machine of operation very simple. also, the machine built-in a shells 3.2 million pixel of camera, mix LED fill light lamp, support automatically focus and 480p (640x480,24 frame/ seconds) of video recording. figure for black Berry 9700 figure for black Berry 9700 black Berry 9700 appearance design bar main screen size 2.44 inches main screen material LCD main screen resolution 480x360 pixel network mode GSM, WCDMA frequency 624MHz OS BlackBerry OS 5.0CPU body 256MB RAM memory built-in camera 3.2 million pixels camera Flash LED fill light for autofocus picture size maximum support 2048x1536 support image photo shoot edit comments: BlackBerry 9,700, with classic and fashionable appearance and very useful features configuration became the target of many sought after business people And as the flagship models of BlackBerry, 9,700 more the business jet fighter. currently in the machine after the price drop, can look like friends. BlackBerry 9,700 (website) reference price]2550[[ sales merchant] Zhongguancun super special offer mobile phone]13146420405[ stores[ businesses of the city address Tri-City, Haidian District, Beijing,] 12-1226A ※ above mobile phone price quotations for purchase, if you find that dealers give quotations in this article does not comply with or parallel import shop three months cannot be provided, please call complaint phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone is a telephone complaints, will not be considered Advisory product prices) due to price fluctuations, Complaints for a period of 7 days from the date on which the article is published.※ Please contact businesses you mentioned source is buy Zhongguancun online, this can be reported in accordance with market prices to mobile phones. Furthermore, aware of the business name and address when buying, in the event of disputes, facilitate the coordination process.

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Lemon to brighten Novo 6700s remember lemon limited edition de

(Zhongguancunzaixian phone channel market reported) on June 23, 2010, Nokia 6700s lemon qualified version (revision machine) today in businesses "Sen Miao power phone network" of latest quote for 1520 Yuan, compared to zhiqian 1560 Yuan of price only has not to 50 Yuan of small shrink. the machine of accessories has: single electric, single filled, headphones, data line, 2GB card. Nokia 6700s lemon qualified version is a paragraph shape beautiful of intelligent 3G phone. figure for Nokia 6700s lemon qualified version Limited edition Nokia 6700s lemon is sliding design, front of the fuselage is equipped with a 2.2-inch 16 million color TFT screen at a resolution of 240x320 pixels, display fine beats by dre studio pas cher. system, the machine pick up is Symbian 9.3 S60 3.2 (S60 Third Edition FP2) Intelligent operating system, very good extensibility, User can according to preferences to installed various software. While, this paragraph phone also equipped with has a shells 5 million as kaercai Division certification camera, support automatically focus and 8 times times digital zoom, and equipped with has double LED fill light lamp, its shooting effect was satisfaction. figure for Nokia 6700s lemon qualified version figure for Nokia 6700s lemon qualified version Nokia 6700s (lemon qualified version) phone type 3G phone, smart phone, music phone, Camera phone main screen size: 2.2 inch main screen parameters Symbian 9.3 S60 3.2 240x320 pixel the operating system (the S60 Third Edition FP2) expanded capacity 16GB battery lithium 860 mAh battery specifications slide the design certified camera Carl casque monster beats. certified Zeiss LED flash support 5 million pixels dual LED camera pixels digital zoom support 8 times digital zoom autofocus map software for Nokia maps software price, if you found this in the of dealer to out of quotes and text in the inconsistent or parallel cannot provides three months shop insurance, please pulling playing complaints phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone for complaints phone, almost not accept products price Advisory) * because phone price exists fluctuations, therefore complaints accepted period for since articles publishing of day up of 10 days within.

Saturday, 22-Sep-2012 02:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
3.2 million af all keys version Nokia e71 discov

Zhongguancun online phone channel had in this year January of when for we reported had from Finland phone Giants Nokia company of E-Series family new members--Nokia E71 phone (GPS WiFi HSDPA S60 Nokia E71 lightning debut under), and also exposure has E71 of a update really machine spy according to, caused has many Nokia E series machine fans were of concern, however unfortunately in that zhihou, Nokia E71 on from we of sight in the fade out has. later 3 months, Nokia E71 finally again appears in we of sight in the, and this appears of Nokia E71 has is keyboard Shang carved has Chinese strokes of Chinese Asia-Pacific version phone, is is let we surprised does not small, seems Nokia E71 in the Asia-Pacific region especially Hong Kong listed of possibilities great casque monster beats, believe this message also can let has been concern this paragraph phone of domestic machine friends were slightly is assured has. latest exposure of Nokia E71 for keyboard with Chinese strokes of Asia-Pacific version Nokia E71 continuation has E61i of cross reset QVGA screen QWERTY full keyboard of classic design, camera upgrade to has 3.2 million pixel, and support Auto Focus automatically focus. also has a comparison large of improved is, Nokia E71 built-in has GPS global satellite positioning chip, is no longer like E61i as needs also configuration GPS device to achieved positioning navigation features has. in addition, Nokia E71 phone also support WiFi wireless Internet, And can work in HSDPA broadband high-speed 3G network Xia. regardless of is from network support to photographed entertainment, Nokia E71 are has good of performance, believe Nokia E71 phone comprehensive of configuration plus Symbian family S60 smart platform of support has enough to let it became a paragraph powerful of fusion type smart terminal products has. currently doov, for Nokia E71, also no any official of message publishing, Zhongguancun online phone channel will continues to attention this paragraph S60 smart strong machine of latest information, Will bring you more in-depth, detailed and accurate reports, stay tuned for a broad audience attention.

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New choice of wp7 Nokia lumia 710-Acer m310

Read the full text on this page (6 pages) Microsoft Windows Phone is the latest Smartphone options, higher-order Lumia 800, and HTC Titan, but not bind itself to low; cheaper styles, in addition to HTC Radar beats by dre studio pas cher motorola, there are recently-listed Nokia Lumia 710 and Acre Allegro M310, provided the other two started mango select. from cartridges started. Lumia 710 with long type and sharp of Nokia blue packaging, cross pumping type design; Acer is with Shang and enterprise image match of green, is just General of party box, in packaging Shang is Nokia comparison has texture. II machine are used upper and lower separated of II layer type design. this paragraph Lumia 710 is black machine distribution blue back cover beats by dre lady gaga pas cher, Acer M310 is is white paragraph. content real has plug, and microUSB transmission line, and headset, Are similar. different headphones, Lumia 710 in-ear headphones, Acer are equipped with earphones headphones, which have the ability to better environmental noise barrier.

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Main BT wireless stereo music LG published u890

From Korea's LG in Beijing yesterday, the company has released a design very exquisite new smaller 3G machines--U890. as a post-GA since early November last year, had record global sales of 4 million units an upgraded version of the LG U880 records within your company, LG U890 build volume some "weight", reached 99.5*49.8*18.5 mm, And still support the third-party T-Flash card extended memory capacity is determined by the 75MB in the case of reduced to 64MB. still, LG U890 is design at the hinge of the fuselage had a 1.3 million pixel camera head can be rotated monster beats pro, with 260 monster beats motorola,000 colors TFT screen, Support Bluetooth wireless transmission, mainstream technology. more important of is, this paragraph positioning Yu music phone market of products also joined has on A2DP of support, makes user can like using Motorola E680i as enjoy wireless stereo music. According to describes, LG U890 also will has multiple special of color mix, is expected to this month within in United Kingdom, and Italy, and Australia, and Sweden, and Denmark, national listed. figure for LG company of most new 3G music phone U890 Diagram for LG's new 3G music mobile phone U890 for LG's new 3G music mobile phone brand U890 model: LG U890; network environment: GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900MHz and tri-band WCDMA; transfer mode: USB data cable, Bluetooth (supports A2DP technology); photo header parameters: 1.3 million pixels; body measurements: 99.5*49.8*18.5mm; Screen parameter: 260,000 color TFT 176*220 resolution material; external screen parameter: 65,536 color TFT 96*96 resolution material; memory capacity: 64MB; third party storage medium: micro SD (T-Flash). figures for LG's new 3G music mobile phone U890 for LG's new 3G music mobile phone U890 for LG's new 3G music mobile phone U890

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